Author: David De Vleeschouwer

  • Geology of the Deutschland Tour

    Geology of the Deutschland Tour

    Ger­many has everything to of­fer for fans of both geo­logy and cyc­ling. While sed­i­ments are cur­rently ac­cu­mu­lat­ing in the Ger­man Wad­den Sea, the old­est rocks in Ger­many formed more than two bil­lion years ago. In-between these two ex­tremes, there are rocks and sed­i­ments that tell us a story about ice ages, sea level change, moun­tain…

  • Stage 3: Treasure trove

    Stage 3: Treasure trove

    Zumaia is a treasure trove where giant clams tell us what time it is and what exactly happened right here seeing through time.

  • Stage 2: Karst

    Stage 2: Karst

    You don’t always need big geological events for breathtaking scenery. Sometimes the subtle influence of karst can make all the difference.

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