Tag: Volcanoes

  • Stage 7: Stressed

    Stage 7: Stressed

    Mountain are like people. They get stressed and sometimes even a complete meltdown. The Pyrenees show what happened then.

  • Stage 2: Sparks

    Stage 2: Sparks

    Another of volcanoes in the Massif Central but the sparks have long gone. Hopefully the race will add some sparks!

  • Stage 1: Volcanic cathedral

    Stage 1: Volcanic cathedral

    At the Grand Départ in Clermont Ferrand we find a volcanic cathedral built with materials from the nearby Chaine des Puys.

  • Stage 12: Devonian Park

    Stage 12: Devonian Park

    Devonian Park sounds like a lovely place to take a stroll? Well not exactly. Join us on a voyage through hundreds of millions of years and to the ocean that spanned across France.

  • Stage 9: Explosive days

    Stage 9: Explosive days

    Explosive days are common in the mountains during the Tour de France. The Puy de Dome is particularly explosive due to its rich geological history.

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