Stage 10: A fiery mystery

Welcome to the thrilling world of volcanoes! Have you ever wondered why these magnificent volcanic formations exist right here in the heart of France? It’s the fascinating fiery mystery of stage 10 that we’re about to unravel. So buckle up and join us on this exciting journey through the volcanic wonders of the Massif Central!

Imagine a region where the Earth’s crust hides a secret underworld of fiery forces and explosive power. The Massif Central, nestled in the picturesque landscapes of central France, holds a collection of stunning volcanoes that defy explanation. But fear not, dear cycling fan, for we are on a quest to uncover the truth behind their existence.


In this thrilling ‘whodunnit’ of geological marvels, we explore the captivating stories of tectonic plates, rift systems, and mantle plumes. Picture the Earth’s top layers divided into several enormous puzzle pieces known as tectonic plates. These plates are in constant motion, drifting atop the underlying mantle, which behaves like a thick, viscous fluid.

Volcanoes, it turns out, have a penchant for appearing near the edges of these drifting plates. It’s a bit like a crime scene investigation where the volcanic activity is the smoking gun. When plates drift apart, a gap opens up. Molten material surges towards the surface and causes volcanic eruptions. This is known as divergent plate boundary volcanism.

Fiery mystery plot twist!

However, the Massif Central isn’t located directly on such a plate boundary. Instead, it stands slightly off to the side, linked to a rift system that stretches from the Mediterranean through the Rhine Graben to the North Sea. While not a textbook case of plate divergence, this rift system might still hold the key to the volcanic enigma of the Massif Central.

The European Cenozoic Rift System (via Wikimedia commons)

Our investigation takes an exciting twist as we explore the possibility of plate convergence as another volcanic culprit. When plates collide, one plate may subduct, or sink, beneath another. The intense heat and pressure deep within the Earth cause the subducting plate to release water-rich material. As this material heats up, it can trigger volcanic eruptions (also see stage 9). This type of volcanism is often associated with subduction zones. It is like the ones giving rise to the majestic Alps in the nearby Mediterranean region.

Maverick Massif

But the Massif Central, being a bit of a maverick, doesn’t fit the classic subduction-related volcanic pattern. It stands in defiance of conventional explanations, challenging us to think outside the box. Could it be that deep beneath the surface, hidden from view, an ancient mantle plume is responsible for these volcanic wonders?

Mantle plumes, those enigmatic and powerful upwellings from deep within the Earth, have been implicated in creating volcanic hotspots around the globe. Think of the mesmerizing volcanoes of Hawaii. Now imagine a similar scenario right here in the heart of France. It’s a tantalizing possibility that has scientists buzzing with excitement.

Our investigation is far from complete. The secrets of the Massif Central’s volcanic past are still shrouded in mystery. As we delve deeper into the Earth’s hidden layers, seismic waves guide us, revealing tantalizing hints of a slow, hot conduit—a possible path for an upwelling mantle plume.

Magical seismic mystery tour

We need to explore the seismic mysteries beneath the Massif Central where slow material and potential melt reservoirs paint a vivid picture of hidden volcanic forces. These clues hint at the presence of a mantle plume, a fiery accomplice responsible for these captivating volcanic landscapes.

Fiery mystery
Schematic cross section through the mantle, showing the formation of plumes at the edges of thermochemical piles, triggered by subducted slabs. Via

Our plot thickens even further. The Massif Central sits above a region in the Earth’s deep mantle where seismic anomalies suggest piles of chemically distinct material. These regions, aptly named ‘Plume Generation Zones,’ are thought to be the birthplaces of many volcanic plumes, large igneous provinces and even precious diamonds. Could these regions be connected to the volcanic wonders of the Massif Central?

As we close this chapter in our volcanic fiery mystery, we invite you to ponder the thrilling possibilities that lie beneath the surface. Join us on a journey to the stunning volcanoes of Central France, where the landscape itself whispers tales of hidden forces and geological intrigue. Explore Vulcania, the scientific culture center and theme park nestled amidst the volcanic wonders of the Chaîne des Puys. Unleash your imagination, and let the mysteries of volcanism ignite your curiosity.

Active hotspots with a likely deep plume origin, and reconstructed large igneous provinces and kimberlites for the past 320 Myr with respect to shear-wave anomalies at the base of the mantle (from

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