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  • Stage 5: What time is it?

    Stage 5: What time is it?

    How do you determine what time it is when you are examining rocks? Ask the ammonite! These fossils lived in the seas along today’s course.

  • Stage 6: Eels

    Stage 6: Eels

    Conodonts are eel-like animals but they are extinct. The last fact helps us learn about geological time scales in great precision.

  • Stage 3: Treasure trove

    Stage 3: Treasure trove

    Zumaia is a treasure trove where giant clams tell us what time it is and what exactly happened right here seeing through time.

  • Stage 7: A glass of wine

    Stage 7: A glass of wine

    A glass of wine with millions and millions of years of history. The secret is all in the soil of the Bordeaux region.

  • Stage 21: Toads

    Stage 21: Toads

    Toad? Super Mario? On today’s stage on the Champs Elysées. It sounds weird but the history of the ‘Champs’ goes back 600 million years.

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