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  • Stage 8: The future of the past

    Stage 8: The future of the past

    The future of the past is a bit cryptic. It’s where geology comes in to predict the future climates looking at the past.

  • Stage 7: Stressed

    Stage 7: Stressed

    Mountain are like people. They get stressed and sometimes even a complete meltdown. The Pyrenees show what happened then.

  • Stage 6: Eels

    Stage 6: Eels

    Conodonts are eel-like animals but they are extinct. The last fact helps us learn about geological time scales in great precision.

  • Stage 5: Rock it

    Stage 5: Rock it

    Our race course today will rock it. Literally. The geological history of the Tarn and Aveyron at your footsteps, or wheels.

  • Stage 3: Hard rocks

    Stage 3: Hard rocks

    Eclogite is one of the hardest rocks there is. Yvonne Brière used these hard rocks to prove her thesis to become a female pioneer in geology.

  • Stage 2: Sparks

    Stage 2: Sparks

    Another of volcanoes in the Massif Central but the sparks have long gone. Hopefully the race will add some sparks!

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