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  • Stage 8: The future of the past

    Stage 8: The future of the past

    The future of the past is a bit cryptic. It’s where geology comes in to predict the future climates looking at the past.

  • Stage 5: Rock it

    Stage 5: Rock it

    Our race course today will rock it. Literally. The geological history of the Tarn and Aveyron at your footsteps, or wheels.

  • Stage 21: Toads

    Stage 21: Toads

    Toad? Super Mario? On today’s stage on the Champs Elysées. It sounds weird but the history of the ‘Champs’ goes back 600 million years.

  • Stage 20: It’s complicated

    Stage 20: It’s complicated

    The geology of the region we are racing in today is complicated. And so is our blog but after 20 days of Tour de France geology, you are basically experts.

  • Stage 19: Big feet

    Stage 19: Big feet

    We race through the Jura and find traces of the Jurassic age of dinosaurs. But did their big feet really leave three-meter wide footprints?

  • Stage 15: Mighty mountains

    Stage 15: Mighty mountains

    Mighty mountains on today’s route and during the many helicopter shots that we will get to see. However, never forget the dangers.

  • Stage 12: Devonian Park

    Stage 12: Devonian Park

    Devonian Park sounds like a lovely place to take a stroll? Well not exactly. Join us on a voyage through hundreds of millions of years and to the ocean that spanned across France.

  • Stage 6: Wilson

    Stage 6: Wilson

    Wilson? Is there a guy named Wilson in the Tour? Not as far as we know but Wilson does play an important role in the area we are racing in.

  • Stage 5: Mountain jersey

    Stage 5: Mountain jersey

    The mountain jersey in the Tour de France is white with red dots but it should actually be green with red dots. Let us explain why.

  • Stage 4: Invisible mountains of salt

    Stage 4: Invisible mountains of salt

    Invisible mountains of salt of the Hors Category underneath the Tour de France stage 4 won’t get you any polkadot points

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