Tag: Plate tectonics

  • Geology of Milan-Sanremo

    Geology of Milan-Sanremo

    We explore the geology of Milan-Sanremo with lost oceans, colliding continents plus a bit of risotto and wine.

  • Stage 7: Stressed

    Stage 7: Stressed

    Mountain are like people. They get stressed and sometimes even a complete meltdown. The Pyrenees show what happened then.

  • Stage 4: Fossils

    Stage 4: Fossils

    Fossils can be found in all of France. We find a lot along the Lot river in today’s stage due to the special geological circumstances here.

  • Stage 3: Hard rocks

    Stage 3: Hard rocks

    Eclogite is one of the hardest rocks there is. Yvonne Brière used these hard rocks to prove her thesis to become a female pioneer in geology.

  • Stage 20: It’s complicated

    Stage 20: It’s complicated

    The geology of the region we are racing in today is complicated. And so is our blog but after 20 days of Tour de France geology, you are basically experts.

  • Stage 14: Force of nature

    Stage 14: Force of nature

    Tour de France riders can be a force of nature. Today’s mountain stage shows us the gigantic forces that created mountain ranges.

  • Stage 6: Wilson

    Stage 6: Wilson

    Wilson? Is there a guy named Wilson in the Tour? Not as far as we know but Wilson does play an important role in the area we are racing in.

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