Tag: Orogeny

  • Geology of Liège-Bastogne-Liège

    Geology of Liège-Bastogne-Liège

    Normally you expect mountains and then rivers cutting through them creating climbs and valleys? Not in the geology of Liège-Bastogne-Liège.

  • Geology of Il Lombardia

    Geology of Il Lombardia

    The geology of Il Lombardia brings us beautiful lakes, ancient oceans, and a mysterious creature in the water.

  • Stage 7: Stressed

    Stage 7: Stressed

    Mountain are like people. They get stressed and sometimes even a complete meltdown. The Pyrenees show what happened then.

  • Stage 6: Eels

    Stage 6: Eels

    Conodonts are eel-like animals but they are extinct. The last fact helps us learn about geological time scales in great precision.

  • Stage 5: Rock it

    Stage 5: Rock it

    Our race course today will rock it. Literally. The geological history of the Tarn and Aveyron at your footsteps, or wheels.

  • Stage 21: Toads

    Stage 21: Toads

    Toad? Super Mario? On today’s stage on the Champs Elysées. It sounds weird but the history of the ‘Champs’ goes back 600 million years.

  • Stage 16: A short history of

    Stage 16: A short history of

    Stage 16 is only a short one but the history leading to the scenery we see today is all but a short history.

  • Stage 14: Force of nature

    Stage 14: Force of nature

    Tour de France riders can be a force of nature. Today’s mountain stage shows us the gigantic forces that created mountain ranges.

  • Stage 11: White jersey

    Stage 11: White jersey

    The white jersey is one of the four coveted jerseys in the Tour de France. Today we explore white from kaolinite and battery power on the course.

  • Stage 6: Wilson

    Stage 6: Wilson

    Wilson? Is there a guy named Wilson in the Tour? Not as far as we know but Wilson does play an important role in the area we are racing in.

  • Stage 5: Mountain jersey

    Stage 5: Mountain jersey

    The mountain jersey in the Tour de France is white with red dots but it should actually be green with red dots. Let us explain why.

  • Stage 1: Steep climbs

    Stage 1: Steep climbs

    In the Basque Country where we start the Tour de France 2023 big geological events lead to steep climbs over millions of years.

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